Twin Birch Resort


Are linens provided or do we have to bring them?

Linen are NOT provided, but you'll find clean mattress pad covers and pillow protectors when you arrive. Blankets are provided.

Do we check in at your office or at the cottage or home?

Please come to the office first (8606) If no one is available, go to your cottage and we will see you shortly.

What do we need to do before we check out… do we wash linens, dishes, etc.?

Please empty your trash and wash dishes.

Are you on the Lakefront?

We are lakefront on Little Platte Lake. The log cabin with a wooded view and the 3 bedroom log house are not on the lake, but they do have lake access and a row boat is included with the rental.

Is there minimum number of nights for reservations?

During peak months June thru August we normally rent weekly from Saturday to Saturday. If available, exception may be made with a 3 night minimum.

Can we pay by personal check?

Yes, we do not accept credit cards so we are happy to accept cash or your personal check.

What do we do if we arrive late and your office is closed?

Go directly to your unit. The door will be unlocked and your key inside. If you need further assistance, please call 513-382-8710.

Can we check in early (before 3:00 p.m.)?

If you call ahead and the cabin has been cleaned and ready we are pleased to allow early check in.

Can we check out late (after 10:00 a.m.)?

We normally hold to the 10AM check out but if we do not have a back to back rental, we will do our best to accommodate you.

When will we get our security deposit back?

Your deposit will be applied to the balance during your check out unless you rent the following year in which case your deposit will be carried forward.

Can we bring our pet(s)?

Twin Birch has a no pet policy on the resort.

Do we have to wait around for maintenance/repairs or do you have a key?

We do have a master key but unless there's an emergency, our policy is to always check with you before entering your cabin.